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Bandung Sex Guide To Meet Girls & Couples

Are you planning to visit Bandung? And let me guess, you want to spend time with a sexy girl in Bandung. This guide is what you need.

In Bandung, you’ll find girls coming from all over Indonesia to work and meet foreign men. But there are also plenty of horny local girls that love to hook up with foreigners.

Keep reading if you want to find an intimate relationship, a nightstand, or simply get laid in Bandung.

This Bandung Sex Guide was last updated on February 2024

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Intro To Sex & Girls In Bandung

Bandung isn’t a popular destination like Bali. The reason is simple, the capital city of West Java is home to the sexiest Indonesian women.

Girls in Bandung have a heritage of Dutch blood giving them that European-Asian look with clean and smooth olive skin, curly hair and BIG tits (for Asian standards).

And they are well known to be horny once behind closed doors, especially the young students who hang out on the weekend to get drunk and laid…

Bandung nightlife is cool while the young girls are hot for action. But you need to be confident if you want to score.

At first, girls in Bandung seem conservative. In reality, they aren’t used to talk to foreigners. So it takes patience to warm them up.

They want to have sex with you, but they don’t want to show their eagerness openly. It might seem like they aren’t into you, but in reality, their panties are wet.

They really want it! You look as exotic to them as they look exotic in your eyes. The thing is they don’t know how to flirt with a foreigner.

However, once broken the ice things can develop quickly, it isn’t uncommon to get laid at the first or second date…

sex in bandung getting laid

On top of that, I do know that many Jakarta people come here during long weekends and holidays. If you find girls in Bandundung hard to crack, you have always the option to hook up with a Jakarta girl on holiday.

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Where To Find Girls For Sex In Bandung

Here my review of the best places to meet Bandung girls for sex, starting with…


1. Online

bandung girl for sex

Hot girls in Bandung go online to meet foreign men for sex or anything else for that matter. You can find college girls, mature women that want to fuck, and anything in between.

You can use a dating site in Indonesia to hookup with girls.


2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

There are clubs and bars where you can pick up working girls. This video a good overview of working girls clubbing in Bandung:

They look like regular party girls, but in the morning they are going to present you the bill 🙂

There are three main clubs for foreign men to meet girls in Bandung:

  • Amnesia – It’s a large club with plenty of hot girls for any type of experience. In the same building, there is a KTV packed with hostesses.
  • Shelter Club – Younger crowd, affordable drinks, easy-going atmosphere. The majority of the crowd is made of students, but you also find a few expats/tourists.
  • Southbank Club – An expensive nightclub for Bandung standards, only the entrance fee is 100k. This isn’t a club to visit to meet hookers but rather to pick up hot chicks that can pay for your drinks. Dress properly or no in.

Bandung freelancer prostitute prices range from 400k to 900k Rupiah, but on average they cost 600k for all night.


3. Erotic Spas

If you are into a rub with extras, Bandung has several erotic massage parlors.

  • Indigo Spa & Lounge – This spa is run professionally. Not only you can get a happy ending, but the massage is excellent.
  • Pandora – They have hot girls that offer full-service massage.

The cost for an erotic massage is around 1 million rupiahs.


4. KTVs – Karaoke In Bandung

Karaokes are bars where you sing with friends and drink in the company of hostesses. This type of venue is popular among Asian men, but any nationality is welcome.

The best KTVs in Bandung are:

  • Venetian – The top karaoke bar in Braga Street. They have a lot of girls and I would say that regarding quality, they come in close to R Karaoke.
  • R Karaoke – Girls wise, Amnesia doesn’t have as large a variety as Venetian. But the perk is that once you’re in the karaoke, you can transit to the club for free.

KTV’s girls’ prices range from 800k to 1.2m for pop, it includes a room on-premises.


5. Street Walkers

There are two areas where to find street hookers: Braga Street and Jalan Saritem.

Braga Street has better-looking girls but it’s costlier. After 9 pm the working girls stand near the intersection of Banceuy and Braga Street, beside the Hotel Royal Palace.

If you don’t mind going for cheap and less hygienic info girls, visit the whore houses in Jalan Saritem (watch the video)…

Jalan Saritem girls cost between 150.000 to 300.000 rupiah. Working girls in Braga Street ask for 500.000 rupiahs.


6. Escort In Bandung

You can find escorts online on popular ads sites like cityxguide. Just call the number and ask to come over.

Most ads are run by an agency. If the girl that shows up isn’t as expected, don’t hesitate to send her back.

There are better places to find girls in Bandung for sex, who charge an honest price and offer quality services.


Typical Costs

• CompanionshipEntertainmenttment: There are plenty of girls in Bandung hot for action.

Just have a look at any popular dating sites to meet girls for fun. Treat them well with a nice meal, and they’ll be back to your room for some intimacy.

If you love to hang out at night, you can pick up working girls in nightclubs and bars for 600-900k rupiahs for all night. Alternatively, visit a brothel in Jalan Saritem and get laid for 300k.

During the day pay a visit to an erotic spa, and with 1 million rupiahs you get a 60 minutes massage plus all the extras.

There are also streetwalkers down Braga Street asking for 600k for a short time.

• Accommodation: Accommodations in Bandung are good value for money.

I recommend staying at the Gino Feruci Kebonjati hotel near the train station for 500k per night.  You can walk to the Venetian Health Spa for some happy ending.

• Food: You can eat local food in the street or small restaurant for 80k rupiah. There are several upscale hotels with Western food, and the price for a meal is 600k.

If you are into wine or that sort of thing, expect to pay a stiff price.

• Transportation: The price from the airport to the city center is about 50k. To tour the city, download the Gojek app on your phone. You can book motorbikes or cars taxi at a convenient price.


Tips & Tricks

• Contact girls online: Don’t arrive in Bandung empty-handed. Get in contact with local girls a few weeks before your trip on any popular dating site.

• Be direct: Don’t waste time in useless conversations, especially online. “Hi, my name is… and you look interesting. Are you free to meet up?”

• Get laid: When a girl in Bandung accepts to meet you, she is already open to the idea of getting intimate. After the date, take her back to your place.

• Wear a condom: You don’t know how many guys she has slept around. Take care of yourself.

• Negotiate: When dealing with working girls, always negotiate the price and what she is willing to do.


How To Rent A Girlfriend In Bandung

If you enjoy the company of a hot 20-30 years who to be with you, the best way is to sponsor one.

There are plenty of young ladies in their twenties who need an allowance and don’t mind a much older man.

Local women know the best places, speak the local language and she can get the best deals… And of course, she is going to give you nights of intense sex.

In other words, having a holiday girlfriend in Bandung is going to enhance your experience while reducing the common pitfalls of traveling to a new destination.

That’s the reason why when I travel, I make sure to get in contact with a local girl first, and then I book my flight ticket and hotel.

I notice most men do the exact opposite. They get busy booking the flight, and only once do they wonder where to find a hot holiday girlfriend.

They think it’s easy to find a decent lady in a nightclub or bars, but actually end up with a working girl and gold digger.

No wonder they go back home with a bitter taste in their mouth feeling cheated and taken advantage of. Most travelers don’t plan ahead. The same happens to foreign men resident in Bandung.

So, what to do about it?

Instead of hoping to find a girlfriend somewhere in Bandung, visit a place where the hottest and smartest girls hang out. There are several young and attractive girls on arrangement sites looking for a sugar daddy.

Your look or age doesn’t matter much on an arrangement site. What matters is the value you bring to the table.

Find a girlfriend with benefits in Bandung is the best way to enjoy a relationship with a young, smart and horny girl without drama.

She behaves and does whatever you ask her to do. She comes when you want, not when she wants. She does what you want her to do.

To get started, sign up with a popular arrangement site in Bandung. Write a profile stating what you expect out of an arrangement. Search for girls that fit your criteria and contact them.

Once you find the candidate, arrange a date and discuss the relationship details. That’s it! Now you have a hot girlfriend 20-30 years younger than you. Have fun.


Best Sex Hotels In Bandung

When going on a sex holiday, it’s important to pick the right accommodation. Not only must it be a good ambiance that promotes sexual activities, but it should be girl-friendly.

sexy bandung girl in love sex hotel

Playing nurse and doctor in Favehotel Premier Cihampelas Hotel

Meaning that you shouldn’t be charged extra or denied to enter when in the company of a guest.

My favorite guest friendly hotels in Bandung are:

~ Gino Feruci Braga Hotel – The location of the hotel is great as it is nearby to shopping areas and bars. They have a sky bar which is a great place to bring girls before the action.

~ Grandia Hotel Bandung – Located on the hill of Bandung with a big swimming pool overlooking the city. It’s the perfect place to have a quicky in the water if you are into that kind of kinky things.

~ Favehotel Premier Cihampelas – The decor is romantic and erotic at the same time. Once you walk into the lobby and room, you get the impression to be in a love hotel. That is a great atmosphere to set your girl in the mood to have sex.





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