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Subic Bay Travel Guide For Single Men


This is a 3.000+ words travel guide designed for single men traveling to Subic Bay looking for FUN, local girls and experince a “blast ” of holiday.


I love beauty contest in Subic Bay. So many stunners!


This comprehensive guide came because I wanted to share all the good things Subic Bay has to offer for the solo travelers seeking adventure and fun – all the tips and steps in one place to get you laid in Subic Bay, accessible for free for the rest of time.

So, if you’re serious about banging Filipino girls in Subic Bay, consider taking 10 minutes of your time to digest the full article and be ready for an unforgettable holiday. It’ll change your life!




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The Ultimate Men’s Travel Guide to Subic Bay
General information about Subic Bay for solo travelers

Typical Costs
An overview of general prices in Subic Bay

Safety Tips & Trick
A few pitfalls that I’ve experienced – and some useful trick

Date Subic Bay Women
Learn how to meet Subic Bay women the easy way

Subic Bay Nightlife
The best nightclubs and bars in Subic Bay



The Ultimate Man’s Travel Guide To Subic Bay

Subic Bay is a small resort town in the Philippines worth visiting.

The reasons are:

  1. GIRLS; A wide range of girly bars with HOT Filipina eager to meet you. And “quality” office and student girls around the city.
  2. SEA & SUN; Subic Bay has four beaches to relax and get tanned.
  3. DIVING; Subic Bay has wrecksites and several reef sites, suitable for both beginners and more advanced divers.
  4. CHEAP; One of the cheapest resort town in the Philippines.

If the reasons sound good, while visiting Angeles City, plan few days’ stopover in Subic Bay.

Subic Bay can’t compare with Angeles City regarding girly bars and nightlife, but being a resort town, there are a wide range of activities to keep you entertain during the day and enough bars for 2-3 naughty nights.

Ready to start this exciting journey to Subic Bay? Let’s go!


Where Is Subic Bay?


Subic Bay is located 80 Km West of Angeles City, the middle town between Manila and Subic Bay. By taxi, the journey is just over one hour; by bus it will take almost two hours (it stops often along the way).

I recommend the taxi if you’re a group of 3-4 people, but for the solo travelers, the bus is the best option.

You might opt for a direct flight from Manila, but is it worth the extra cost? In my opinion, no.

Ah! The ferry. Not a good option, arriving in Orion which is 50 minutes away from Subic Bay.

So, the best way to get into Subic Bay is from Angeles City, and I remind you the convenience of Clark airport served by international flights.

When To Go Subic Bay

The weather in Subic Bay is similar to most other places in the Philippines, with dry season from November to May and wet season between June and October.

Dry season is the best time of the year for avid divers taking advantage of excellent visibility.

For solo travelers, all year around is party time. However, the floating bars are open only from December to April, which is a great way to spend the day on the bay.

One more thing. The Philippines is a Catholic country, and during Christmas and Easter holidays, most girls (usually the hottest one) go back their village to spend the festivities with their parents. Avoid visiting Subic Bay during these two christian holidays.


What About Girls In Subic Bay?

Subic Bay is a “different” location.

Whenever I visit, I feel like I’m in the 80s. The place is underdeveloped and feels isolated from the modern world.

If you ask me, this is a good thing. The girls are genuinely interested in knowing you as a person, not as a walking ATM.


Subic Bay’s atmosphere is laid back, with less pushy and easy going bar girls, translating to extra FUN. Places like Angeles City or Pattaya, girls are all about money and less about the relationship.

I consider priceless the opportunity to meet “genuine” girls willing to please you. It’s a rare treat nowadays, but still available in the few destinations like Subic Bay and Phnom Penh.

The reason is fewer tourists, so the girls don’t develop all the bad habits that MONEY brings, such greed and lack of gratitude.

Also, local entertainment is cheaper than Angeles City and very economical compared to Manila. More on this in the next chapter.

If you aren’t into bar girls, there are places and ways to meet “regular” local girls. I love to date Filipino girls; they are feminine, love caring and make my holiday more adventurous.

I meet Filipinas online, usually 1-2 months prior to my journey, so we can know each other better while building an intimate relationship.

They are shy at first, but with patience and sweet messages, eventually, they open up.

So, Subic Bay offers a lust holiday in the red-light district of Barrio Baretto for the naughty traveler who wants to have a different girl every day. Quality local girls looking for romance are also available.



Typical Costs

  • Bars; Excellent value for money. The prices are standard for most bars, Beers for 90 Pesos, spirits 150 Pesos, and lady drinks for 160 Pesos. Watch out for double lady drinks, definitely not good value. The bar fine is 2.000 Pesos all-inclusive. If the girl performs well, 500 Pesos tip is appreciated.
  • Night Clubs; There are only two nightclubs worth visiting in Olangapo, Club V and Nocturnal Disco (for more info click here). Entrance fee is 100 Pesos, which includes a regular drink.

    Soft drinks go for less than 100 Pesos, spirits and cocktails for 150 Pesos, while bottles with mixer from 1.800 to 3.000 Pesos.

    Freelancers (hookers), the going rate is from 1.000 Pesos to 2.000 Pesos per night. Regular girls occasionally go with men for 1.000 Pesos, but only if she likes him. The hardcore hookers, who professionally work as freelancers in nightclubs, charge on the higher side, forward 2.000 Pesos.

  • Massage Parlors; This isn’t Thailand. Subic Bay has only one sensual massage SPA called Serenity in Barrio Barretto. Total damage for full service with “happy ending” 2.500 Pesos. Take it or leave it!
  • Freelancers; Most freelancers are available in the nightclubs, ready to go for 1.500 – 2.000 Pesos. Bar girls after work might take 1.000 Pesos for a short time.

  • Accommodations; You have got two options:

    Lust Travelers; You want nightlife and girly bars action. The red light district of Barrio Barretto is where you want to book your hotel room.

    My favorite hotels are Treasure Island Resort, Subic Grand Seas Resort and Wild Orchid Beach Resort.

    Romance Traveler; You want to meet genuine Filipinas working in an office or still studying. Olongapo is a town at the entrance of Subic Bay and a few kilometers from the beaches.

    In the city there are nightclubs, malls and restaurants where you can meet quality local girls.

    My favorite hotels are Subiza Beach Resort and Suzuki Beach Hotel.

    Consider to find great deals where most of the properties have the free cancellation policy.

  • Food; Barrio Barretto has Filipino street food and American food in the bar area. The cost for a meal varies from 80 Pesos to 300 Pesos; however, I don’t brag about the quality.

    Olongapo and Subic Bay now has a roster of restaurants that specializes in different cuisines, from American to Chinese, and of course, Filipino food. There are cheap and quality restaurants starting from 100 Pesos up to 1.000 Pesos per person. Check for the best restaurants here.
  • Transportation; Public color coded Jeepneys and Tricycles with assigned routes are affordable modes of transportation throughout Olongapo City and Barretto.public-transportation-between-subic-bay-olnagapo-and-barrio-barretto
    Typical fares are: Olangapo bus station – Barretto = 150 Pesos, along Barretto strip = 25-40 Pesos and Baloy Beach to Barretto = 50 Pesos.

Tips and hint sexy girls
TIP; It’s always best to tell the trike driver what you’ll pay for a journey. If you ask, you might get quoted a ridiculous fare.


Safety Tips & Tricks

  • Carry only cash; Keep it simple; keep it safe. The Philippines is a third world country.
  • Use the safe; Your hotel room has a safe to be used. Don’t fall to sleep with your valuables easily reachable by your room guest.
  • Minimum legal age is 18; When police get involved, be prepared to pay 100.000 Pesos in a bribe or… jail. Just ask for an ID before taking a girl back to your room.
  • Drugs; The last thing you want to do is buy drugs. Getting caught with drug possession is a big deal in the Philippines.
  • Bribe; For whatever reason, when police accuse you of wrongdoing, don’t argue, but instead pay up. The $$$ talks if you get busted and is the best way to go.




Before teaching you how to date Subic Bay’s women, take note that Subic Bay isn’t only a destination to meet bar girls, but there are quality local Filipinas with office jobs or studying, eager to meet foreign men.

I don’t discriminate any way of holidaying, either you are a bar monger or prefer to travel to meet a Filipina to start a “romantic” relationship. I embrace the best of the two worlds.


What To Expect From Subic Bay Dating Scene?

Subic Bay dating scene offers two different experiences for the solo travelers:

  • Pay For Play; The infamous Barrio Barretto strip, home of girly bars where you can meet hundreds Filipinas willing to please any erotic desires.
  • Dating Quality Locals; The nearby city of Olongapo has a population of 200.000 people with local girls studying and working. So many cute locals suitable for a serious relationship.

Angelee is from Subic Bay – Miss Philippines in 2013

Did I mention that Subic Bay women are super HOT?

I like the girls down here, in one word GORGEOUS. Also, the attitude is pleasant, maybe because there aren’t many tourists around.

It’s difficult to meet Filipinas in everyday life, very shy to speak in public and add the fact they don’t know you.

But where there is hope, there is a way. And I learned the way after visiting the Philippines for years.

So, today I’m going to share how and where to meet Subic Bay women.


How To Meet Girls In Subic Bay

There are a few options available that suit each traveler’s personality. I prefer the easiest way that offers the best reward for my effort, so I’ll outline the options from the simplest to the most complicated.

The best places to meet girls in Subic Bay are:

  • Online; In the Philippines internet is heavily used. You’ll find internet cafe shops in any corner, packed with girls. I don’t mean you should visit internet shops trying to pick up girls (I tried, but it’s hard), but instead use reliable Philippines dating sites.

    It’s convenient to meet someone on the net because you have great choice of girls, talk with multiple women at time and search by age, location and more. Another advantage is the possibility to meet “good” girls that would be impossible to meet on site.

    Filipinas with daily jobs are busy working, and students are busy studying. But spending a few hours on dating sites every month is practical and straightforward.

    Filipinas are very shy, like most Asian good girls. “Cold” approaching them in the street, malls, and clubs isn’t a breeze, and they easily shy away from the conversation. Dating sites fix this problem as Filipino girls don’t feel pressure talking to you, being in a safe environment while keeping the conversation private from her friends/family.

    Yes, Filipinas don’t like be seen by friends talking to foreigners. Tourists carry a stigma, being in the Philippines only to have sex with bar girls and hookers. Can’t blame her not wanting to talk to you in public places.

    So, Subic Bay women will be more open to interact with you on a dating site than on the streets or clubs. Build trust and affection to make her want to have sex with you immediately once you visit her in Subic Bay. Then, she will not mind introducing you to her friends, family, and showing around the city.

    “Hey Rocco, only good girls online?”

    I heard you, bro. There are freelancers (self-employed hookers) as well online looking for customers. You’ll note them by the way they present themselves on the profile picture – SEXY!

    Freelancers are easy going and ready to make a deal with you. Just explain what you’re looking for and ask for a quote. Deal Done!

    Online freelancers are an excellent option if you’re looking for a long-term companion while visiting the Philippines. Online freelancers love long-term deals, and this will save you money. Not only that, I noticed the girls online look sexier than girls working in bars.

Do you feel lonely – and worry that you’re doomed to a single life?

What if there was a way to meet 1, 3 – even 10 or more – attractive girls right now – even while you’re on the other side of the planet?

Don’t waste your life. There are hundreds of beautiful Filipino girls ready to meet you.

I recommend:

Filipino women dating onlineFilipino Cupid – It’s the biggest dating site in the Philippines.

Anytime I check in, there are thousands of Filipinas online ready to chat.

I have used Filipino Cupid for years to meet local women in Subic Bay. The girls on this site are looking for foreign men, making your search much easier.

This type of Filipino girl is educated, so they can speak English and communicate with you. Expect grammar error and sometimes twisted phrases a bit twisted, It’s just they speak better than write.

If you don’t speak English, opt for the gold package (US$24.99 per month) that includes a translation service.

I hear horror stories all the time from travelers dealing with fake profiles on other dating sites. I rarely encountered them with Filipino Cupid.

Filipina dating girlsPina Love – This website has been around for a long time. I used Pina Love for a year now, and I have successfully dated five girls (my relationships don’t last long because I love to keep changing).

What I like the most about this dating website is the friendly interface and how simple it is to chat with multiple girls at the same time. There is an option to search for only ladyboys, very useful in separating ladyboys from the girls reducing confusion.

You can meet girls of all ages, from the “inexperienced” farm fresh girl to the more settled down woman in her 40s.

There are real cuties on this site, check it out.


Tips and hint sexy girlsTIPS: Before you subscribe, I want to give you three facts when dating Filipinas online:

1. First, the good news. Women from the Philippines love foreign men. We are as exotic to them as they are to us.

2. Dating much older men is not a problem to most women. Don’t worry about your age: it will not matter in the Philippines.

3. Most men on online dating sites are perverts. You can make the difference and be in the top 10% just by posting three “clean” photos of you (shave your face and dress appropriately) and talk politely.




  • Nightclubs; If you are young, good looking and a confident man able to attract girls to your table, the two major nightclubs in Olongapo are for you.

    Filipinos love to socialize but not in the way you might think. They go out in groups, book a table while spending the night drinking and chatting. Quality girls are almost impossible to approach, well defended by friends. If you try to approach, she feels embarrassed.

    But if you aim lower or look for a hooker to spend the night, there are girls in the clubs willing to please you for a fee. Freelancers in clubs are cheaper compared to the bar girls in Barrio Baretto. No bar fine, lower rate for her service, cheaper drinks, and no lady drinks.

    I’ll talk it in more detail in a minute.
  • Walk Around Olongapo; There are thousands of local girls working day jobs in shops, restaurants, or any service industry.

    In this part of the Philippines, there aren’t many tourists but a small community of retirees. Subic Bay girls don’t see foreigns as aliens, but are curious to talk to us and, in their deep desires, to marry a foreign man. Being a middle age man is an advantag.

    Whenever you see a Subic Bay girl, say “hello” and start the conversation in a friendly way with a big smile on your face (positive energy is important). Please, don’t ask tourist questions and don’t let her know you’re here for a vacation; this would put you at a disadvantage.

    Ask her out, have a dinner and take her back to your room. That’s simple. Some girls might go for it; some might be still virgins and refuse your offer.

    There are two malls (Harbor Point and SM City) in the city, where you can pick up girls.

    Be gentle in your approach; speak slowly and softly so she can understand your accent.

    The girls dressing well and acting like superstars are usually from wealthy families and don’t want to be seen talking to a foreigner in public. That doesn’t mean Hi-So women don’t want to have a one-night stand or relationship with you, but the place isn’t suitable. It’s better to meet online with discretion.




In recent years, Subic Bay nightlife improved a lot with the opening of two new nightclubs that cater to locals and foreigners. In the old days, the only entertainment for travelers were lady bars in Barrio Baretto, and KTVs suitable mostly for Asian men.

As said earlier, Subic Bay is a small city of only 250K people, so the nightclubs are patronized by the same group of friends every weekend. It’s hard to mingle with them, let alone to pick up their girls. However, freelancers available in exchange for cash.

If the two nightclubs in Olongapo aren’t for you, take a taxi to Barrio Barretto where there are 20 girly bars to have fun. Barrio Barretto’s atmosphere is laid back with bar girls not pushy for drinks and genuinely interested in having a good time.

Barrio Barretto’s girls outnumber the tourists substantially; I would say 1 to 8. That is a guarantee to meet HOT girls.


Best Girly Bars In Subic Bay (Barrio Baretto)

This destination has been underrated in recent years because after the US Navy personnel left, half the bars had to close. But Barrio Barretto strip has still 25 bars with girls eager to please you.

Every time I visit Subic Bay, not only do I enjoy the diving sites, but the bar girls are super FUN, while I get a better value for my money.

Why pay more for less?

Angeles City has more bars and girls, but also more punters. In Subic Bay, I enjoy experiencing a less “commercial” environment which translate in more FUN.

I notice most girls are farm fresh (new to the bar scene), which offers an authentic Filipino experience with less bullshit and friendly time. As in Angeles City, you walk in a bar in Subic Bay and the girls “literally” jump on you. Not because you’re a sexy man, but because the bars aren’t busy with customers.

If you’re staying anywhere near the National Highway or in a beachfront resort in Barrio Barretto, you will likely be within walking distance of these go-go bars

Some bars are better than others, by quantity and quality of girls. The women here are tamer than usual. They wear short cute uniforms. Nude shows have been outlawed, but no one is stopping you from meeting girls and having a good time.

The prices are standard; Beers for 90 Pesos, spirits 150 Pesos and lady drinks for 160 Pesos. Bar fine is 2.000 Pesos all-inclusive.

Don’t go too early; bars open at 6 pm.

I recommend:


The Office Bar

A new addition to the naughty Subic Bay bar scene. I visited around 9 pm, around ten girls were dancing, and a few others around. Young and quality spinners, it’s a place of fun! There is a pool bar in the back area, if you like to play “sexy” pool.


barrio-barretto-bar-girl-in-subic-bayHot Zone Bar

This bar has a personal touch, very interactive for creativity, fun girls, games, and activities. Not pushy in lady drinks, the girls aren’t the most beautiful but definitely FUN.


20-20 Bar

Have been visiting this bar every time I have been in Subic since 2009. One of the biggest bars in Barretto with 20 ladies on stage.

I like the place, having a large dancing stage in the middle with comfortable chairs around. The lighting shows the bodies of the girls, so you get no bad surprise once back to the room.


Alaska Bar

Small, simple and intimate, this bar is run well, and it’s noticeable by the fact that foreigners living permanently in Subic Bay are regular customers. Alaska’s manager and girls make one feel at home.

Located next to Serenity Nuru Spa (the only “happy” ending parlor in town).

Alaska is a late bar; don’t go before 11 pm.


Best Subic Bay Nightclubs (Olongapo)

The nightclubs in Subic Bay are in Olongapo, 6 Km from Barrio Barretto. Only two nightclubs are suitable for foreigners, called Club V and Nocturnal Disco.

The nightlife is casual, and gets busy only during weekends. If you are going alone, it might feel awkward considering the place has a larger number of Filipinos forming groups at tables.

You can find both freelancers and “regular” girls in the clubs. It’s hard to pick up good girls. On the other hand, freelancers are easy to approach and getting laid for a fee. So, it’s a WIN-WIN.


nightclubs-in-subic-bay-hot-girlsClub V

This nightclub is popular with locals, and gets busy only on weekends. I visit this place early, trying to pick up local girls, but I must admit that is hard.

I usually get the phone number and meet the next day. The reason is local girls are there partying with friends, not interested in spending the night with you.

Don’t look for hookers in Club V; you’re better off at Nocturnal Disco.


Nocturnal Disco

This club is a new addition to Subic Bay, much needed for many years. Nocturnal Disco has a big dance floor, a resident DJ, and sexy coyote dancers on weekends.

You’ve got a better chance to approach local girls, especially after they had a few drinks. The atmosphere is great, being international, while the girls are eager to talk to you.

Remember that the majority of the girls are hookers, so don’t be surprised to be asked for money. Watch out for the bill; girls expect you to pay, which is annoying.

The price ranges between 1.000 Pesos to 3.000 Pesos for the night.

Occasional freelancers, quote lower. Instead, the professional hookers are money-minded, experienced in the trade.

Keep an open mind, go with the flow, and have a great night.

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