subic bay women enjoying olongapo nightlife

Olongapo Nightlife – Best Places To Meet Subic Bay Women

Olongapo nightlife is relatively quiet compared to the nightlife in Manila.

The good news is there are two nightclubs where you can pick up HOT Filipina girls any days of the week.

Olongapo is a city at the entrance of Subic Bay only 7 miles away from the girlie bars in Barrio Barretto where you can bar fine girls.

Besides the small and noisy Filipino discos, the only two nightclubs where a foreigner can safely have a night of fun are Nocturnal Disco and Club V.

The girls frequenting these clubs are mainly of two types:

  • Hookers, also know as freelancers that are clubbing to meet you and your money;
  • And “party girls” who like to dance, drink and – yes – looking for a nightstand with either a foreigner or a Filipino. In my term, the “classy slut!”.

Are you looking for a girlfriend or something more serious? Well, look somewhere else.

As you might know already, the Philippines is a strict Catholic country where most good girls don’t go out at night.

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Yes, clubbing in Olongapo is only for the single men looking for naughty Filipino girls at night.

Those guys who are addicted to Filipina wearing short skirts and walking around in high heels thinking to be models. In reality, they are classy slut looking for a nightstand or freelancers looking for money.

Anyway, Olongapo nightclubs are a paradise for dudes who like going out – and I’m about to tell you all the good and bad things about it, starting with…


Nocturnal Disco

This club is a new addition to Subic Bay, which was much needed for many years. By saying that I mean that a few years back Olongapo and Subic Bay had only Filipino discos with loud music and cigarette’s smoke.

Today, thanks to the addition of Nocturnal Disco there is a place where you can enjoy yourself listening to music while having conversations with local Filipino girls.

Also, this club is a great place if you’re looking for freelancers either girls or ladyboys.

So, what to expect once you walk in?

First, you need to pay 100 Pesos as entrance fee which includes a drink.

Then the club has a spacious dancing floor with in-house DJ during weekdays and on weekends occasional band playing local as well as international hits.

The atmosphere is great, being international, while the girls are eager to talk to you. Yes, foreigners are rare in Olongapo night scene so popular with local girls.

However, don’t expect the girls jumping on you, especially early in the night. You’ve got a better chance to approach local girls late at night after they had a few drinks and feel less shy to interact with you.

All it takes to pick up here is for you to make eye contact, smile, introduce yourself, and make small talk.

If a girl is too eager to talk to you, and she dresses slutty and wears heavy makeup, you bet she is a hooker trying to convince you to hire her for the night.

Look, there are hot freelancers around Noctural Disco but bear in mind that some of them are too cocky and try to squeeze out too many drinks and party at your expenses.

If that is fine with you, let it be but if your money doesn’t grow on trees, just cut short the bullshit and ask how much she wants for the night.

The typical prices are 1.500 Pesos if she is HOT or 1.000 Pesos for regular gals.


Club V

The club is merely 100 meters down the road from Nocturnal Disco, and it’s the second most famous nightclub in Subic and Olongapo.

The place is popular with friendly locals and not so many hookers. In fact, you’ll notice groups of people sharing a table and booze for the night. Yeap, not single ladies waiting for customers.

In other words, it is a perfect club for group parties, though the tiny dance floor will force you to find another club if you want to go dancing.

There are several VIP lounges on the side of the club and upstairs but you have to buy a bottle to gain access during the weekends. During the week the place isn’t so full so you can sit anywhere without spending money on bottles.

IHowever, if you want to pick up some hot girls during weekends, your best bet is to have a VIP table to grab the girl’s attention.

Personally, I prefer to visit this place when I’m with friends or I bring with me my date. you know, it’s that sort of ambiance.

What I like about Club V is the international feeling with laser lights and huge screens where you can party the night away with some of the hottest Filipino girls in Olongapo.


Let’s Wrap Up Olongapo Nightlife – Are You Ready To Party?

You don’t need to dress too sharp to get into those nightclubs as they have an easy door policy. However, the better you dress and the easier is to pick up girls.

Filipino women put a great weight in appearance. So, make sure to dress properly and look good.

Consider getting your hands on the Be Stylish Ebook, a great resource that shows you how to go from a common man to a stylish lover.

There are two specific reasons to change your look for the better:

  • First, it increases your confidence and so your ability to approach.
  • Second, it eliminates most seasoned workers and boosts your chances of finding a young and attractive girl.

Here is an example:

Dress in style 2

The classic easy going guy that dress the same for all the occasions, even when he goes clubbing. Finally, he lifted his game.


Are You Staying in Barrio Barretto?

If you visited the popular girlie bars in Barrio Barretto and you want to go clubbing in Olongapo, the best options are:

  • take a tricycle taxi for 150 Pesos;
  • take the blue jeepney from Barrio Barretto to Olongapo for only 12 Pesos.

Enjoy Olongapo nightlife, and don’t forget to sign up below to get more of my tips on how to meet Filipinas.